You are currently viewing IRCTC Login: Create New Account, Reset Password, Features
IRCTC Login: Create New Account, Reset Password, Features

IRCTC Login: Create New Account, Reset Password, Features

IRCTC Login: Create New Account, Reset Password, Features

IRCTC Login: Create a new Account, Reset Password will be discussed here. Creating a new account with IRCTC and completing the IRCTC registration process minimizes the time and effort required to book railway window tickets. Features will be discussed here. You can get all details related to IRCTC Account details, login process, password reset, and first-time login.


Registration with the IRCTC Is your IRCTC registration incomplete? I’m going to discuss the IRCTC procedure here. IRCTC / New Registration Create an account Make a New Account

IRCTC New Registration is quick and straightforward. If you’re a first-time user of the IRCTC system, you’ll need to create a new account. To do so, go here. You must fill in the accurate and relevant information in the IRCTC New Registration form because if you provide irrelevant information, your account will be classified as spam. The IRCTC Management team may remove your account, so be cautious of the information you will provide.

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To get started, go to this URL and click the sign-up link to the left of the large Login button. As seen below, you will be taken to the IRCTC Registration form, where you will complete the seven steps to create an account.

1st step: (Go to Official Website)

To get started, click here. Go to and create a new account. Go to and click the Register button on the right side of the top menu. You’ll now be taken to the IRCTC Login Registration page.

IRCTC Create New Account

Occupation: Select a value such as Government, Private, Professional, etc., to enter your occupation.

Aadhar Card: Entering your Aadhar Card number is optional, but if you have one, please do so.

Email Id: This is a required field. You must enter a valid email address because it will let the IRCTC system identify you. It is also required if you need to reset your password in the future.

Enter a valid 10-digit mobile phone number here. This phone number will be validated using an OTP (One-Time Password), so please double-check before submitting the form.

Nationality: Always choose India as the value.

Country, PIN, State, City, Residential Address, Flat/House Number: Fill in your complete residential address as well as any other relevant information. These parameters can be altered at a later time.

Captcha Image Writing: A captcha image is a picture with text that requires the user to input a correct value before submitting the form. This concept prevents viruses and spam from infiltrating the IRCTC Registration system.

IRCTC Login Process

Step two: (Enter Username and Password)

In this stage, you’ll need to create a username and password.

The user’s Unique ID (User Id or UserName) is required by IRCTC to identify you in their system and by you to log in to their system.

Enter a password that is easy to remember. Please remember that your password must have at least one capital letter.

Step three: (Enter other personal details)

Fill up the blanks with as much information as you can. Questions and Answers on Security First name, last name, Gender, Marital Status, DOB, Occupation, Aadhar Card, Email Id, Mobile, Nationality, Address, Country, PIN, State, City, Aadhar Card, Email Id, Mobile, Nationality, Address, Country, PIN, State, City

Note: When you get to the ‘ISD-Mobile’ area, ensure you provide the correct mobile number because you will be emailed a verification code for confirmation.

IRCTC New Registration

Step four: (Submit the Form)

When you’ve completed everything, click the I’m not a robot button.

Now click Register to submit the form.

5th Step: (Accept the IRCTC terms and conditions)

The system may display terms & Conditions. Proceed by clicking the ‘I Agree To Terms And Conditions’ button.

6th step: (Successfully Registered)

You become a New member of the IRCTC system after verifying your cellphone number and email address (by clicking the link in the IRCTC email), and you have finished the IRCTC New Registration process.

To activate your IRCTC account, follow these steps:

Examine your email and text message inboxes.

You should receive one OTP via email and another via SMS.

Note both OTPs on a piece of paper and click the links in the same email.

When you click the link, you will be prompted to enter your email OTP and your mobile OTP.

Your account will be activated after you enter the OTP, and you will be able to enable IRCTC User ID.

How to create IRCTC New Account 2021

How to Login to IRCTC Using the Username and Password You Created Earlier?

1st step: (Go to the IRCTC login new account page) log in to the IRCTC by clicking here. As demonstrated below, a login form has fields for username, password, and captcha.

Step two: (Type username and password) Click the Login button after entering your username, password, and captcha that you made during the above IRCTC New Registration process.

Step three: (IRCTC login plan my travel, Book the ticket here) That is all there is to it. You can now go to the IRCTC main page and book a ticket using the ‘Plan My Journey option.

How can I register for IRCTC login using the IRCTC Connect mobile app?

To register for an IRCTC account, you must first log in to your computer.

Google Play is where you may get the IRCTC Connect App.

To use the IRCTC Connect App, go to the App Store and search for it.

Keep an eye out for the REGISTER button and click it.

Problem: When logging into the system, you may receive the error “wrong credentials.” In irctc, improper credentials mean you typed the wrong username or password.

Solution: Re-verify your login and password, and if they are correct, click the forgot password link to reset your password, and then use the new password.

So now you know how to create an irctc user id by going to “irctc sign up create new account” on the IRCTC website. Please feel free to leave a remark if you have any questions concerning IRCTC incomplete registration or irctc login new account. Create a new account at www irctc co.

IRCTC login Password Retrieval

The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a subsidiary of the Indian Railways, oversees and controls all travel elements on the Indian Railways, including online ticketing, tourism, and catering. Car rentals, trip packages, meal delivery to your train seat, and hotel reservations are all available. You can access your account to make changes to your reservations and use the eWallet. Don’t worry if you forget your password.

For IRCTC password recovery, go to the IRCTC website, select login, and then click forgot password. It will then ask you to answer security questions, after which you will receive a password to your registered e-mail address if you answer successfully. To establish a new or reset IRCTC password, go to the link supplied in the email. Yes, it is that simple.

How to Get Your IRCTC login Password Back

It’s not uncommon to forget your account passwords. It’s also nothing to be concerned about, as all websites offer solutions to retrieve lost or forgotten passwords. When you register with the IRCTC, you are asked for your name, date of birth, mobile number, and other information. The IRCTC provides you a default password to the e-mail address you supplied at registration. It is recommended that the received password be changed because the machine-generated password is difficult to remember. You may personalize, relate to, and place your password by doing so.

If you have difficulties remembering passwords, you can use a password manager. It securely stores and manages all of your passwords for various websites and services and suggests new passwords. And, of course, it saves you the trouble of having to write down your passwords anywhere, which is insecure and makes you more vulnerable to password theft.

If you don’t use a password manager and forget or can’t remember your password while signing in, the procedures to retrieve your IRCTC password are as follows:

Go to the IRCTC website and sign in. Select Forgot Password from the drop-down menu. You will be prompted to enter your username and captcha when you click this link. After you’ve typed in your username, click the Proceed button.

After you’ve typed in your response, click Proceed. This will take you to the next page, where a security question will be asked. This is the question that you must have answered when you registered. It’s critical to remember the answer if you want to restore your password.

If your response is accurate, the IRCTC will send you an email with instructions on resetting your password. Log in again using the instructions in the email.

IRCTC App Features

IRCTC is based in New Delhi’s capital and provides train ticket purchasing, ticket cancellation, train tracks, and train timetable checking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mumbai, Kolkata, Secunderabad, Chennai, and Delhi are its five zonal offices. According to data, about 31 crore tickets are sold through IRCTC each year, making it one of India’s most sought and frequented websites. A million individuals visit the website every day on average to verify the status of their PNRs. To handle the increased load, the IRCTC has updated its user interface and added functionality, making it better to serve more than a million customers.

The new IRCTC website has filters such as ‘My Transactions,’ allowing you to see your completed and scheduled journeys. Not only that, but you can search for trains between stations and check seat availability without logging in. If you don’t have an account or have forgotten your IRCTC password, this feature will come in handy.

IRCTC App Download

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I reactivate my IRCTC account that has been deactivated?

A: To reactivate your IRCTC account, provide your IRCTC account username and password, as well as your registered mobile number and address, to [email protected]. Once your IRCTC account is active again, you will receive a mobile and email message. For this, you might use the Indian Railways inquiry service.

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Q. How do I change my IRCTC cellphone number?

A: After logging into your IRCTC account, go to ‘user profile.’ Select ‘edit profile’ in the next step. Your registered mobile number will be displayed on the next page, along with the option to update it. Enter your new phone number and click submit.’ This unique number will receive an OTP, which you must confirm by entering it in the OTP field and pressing the submit button. You will receive an SMS confirming that the mobile number has been validated. You are, however, permitted to update your profile once a month between 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

IRCTC Password Reset

Q. Can I update my IRCTC email address before verification?

A: It’s as simple as checking your PNR status. You only need to sign in to your IRCTC account. Go to my profile in the top panel and select ‘update profile’ from the drop-down menu. When you click on it, you’ll be sent to a page with all of the information you previously entered to create your account. The system will ask you to modify your registered email address when you enter your new email address. Yes, and then click submit.’ You will receive an OTP to your new email address, which you must confirm on the signup page. Your email id will be changed after it has been validated.

Q. How do I change the username on my IRCTC account?

A: There is no way to change your username on IRCTC. It is regarded sacred once it has been formed. Also, if you’re thinking about making a new account with a unique username and password, be very cautious because the IRCTC has stringent restrictions against shady accounts. They use an algorithm to track your information and booking history and identify you as the account’s author. If they do, both of your accounts will be permanently blocked.

Q. How can I get my IRCTC verification code to work?

A: After entering your username, security question, email address, mobile number, date of birth, occupation, nationality, and home address into your registration form, you must enter the captcha code and submit. Furthermore, a pop-up box appears with your mobile number and email address, which you confirm by clicking “OK.” Accept the terms and conditions after reading them. You will receive a notification stating that you have been successfully registered. Your username and password, along with an activation link and an OTP, are then delivered to the registered mobile number. To register your IRCTC account successfully, open the activation link, log in using your credentials, and enter the OTP.

IRCTC Login Problem

Q. In IRCTC, can we modify the destination station?

A: Unlike the boarding station, there is no option to change your destination station on IRCTC. However, another option would be to see if the train has a berth at the new stop. If this is the case, make a new reservation and then cancel the old one.

Q. How can I get my IRCTC id back on my phone number?

A: Once you’ve created an IRCTC user ID, you can’t modify it. You must use the username you made, even if it is incorrect. Furthermore, you should not create a new user id because IRCTC has stringent restrictions against duplicate accounts.

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