Benefits of Giloy, Strength the immune system [prevent Corona]

Indigenous medicine: Effective in enhancing the immunity system of ‘Giloy’ disease found in the forests of Chhattisgarh in the times of Coronavirus.

This may be good news for people across the country struggling with the Coronavirus. It is in this sense that to prevent corona disease, the most important is to strengthen the immune system (immune system) of the human body. If your body has a better ability to fight against diseases, then the coronavirus will not spread to your body. Now the question arises that how to increase immunity? So it will give ‘Giloy’ strength in the forest, which is found in abundance in Jashpur forests of Chhattisgarh. Therefore, this valuable herbal panacea can prove to be.

Actually, Giloy is used in many diseases. Apart from this, it is also a great power drink. It works to boost the immune system, due to which protection from many diseases is provided. Ramprakash Pandey, a forest medic, told that Giloy is wild medicine. It is also known as Amrita and Gurich. From a scientific point of view, it is a parasitic plant. Spreads rapidly along the trunk and branch of a tree. Due to the high level of immunity in the human body using Giloy, he is not able to succumb to any disease easily. This forest medicine is found in abundance in the forest of Jashpur district say Esports Indonesia in our webs.

Use Giloy in this way

It can be eaten directly by breaking the stem of Giloy’s stem equal to half a finger and cleaning it thoroughly. If it is difficult to eat raw, then soak it and soak it in water overnight. Boiling it in hot water in the morning and drinking water is also beneficial.

Bine on a Neem tree beneficial

The use of a grown Giloy vine on a neem tree is more effective. Neem is a scientifically certified anti-biotic, so when Giloy vine climbs on this tree, it absorbs neem juice. This increases its immunity manifold.

benefits of giloye in cororna

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