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Tik Tok Lite and tik tok are both the same but the Tik Tok Lite is less MB. It’s an extended version of Tik Tok. The features of both the app are the same. The video editor in Tik Tok Lite has been made a bit better, the details of the other features are given below, as well as the download link of Tik Tok Lite app, the Tik Tok Lite app can also be downloaded from the Play Store.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Updated  – 12 July 2019
Size  – 26MB
Installs  – 10,000,000+
Current Version  – 1.6.2
Requires Android  – 4.1 and up
Review –  4.2

download here –>

Some users Comment of play store –
This one is the lighter version of tik tok, and this app is nice it helps to watch freely any trending video and the great thing is we can make a video by editing and post also. Terrible experience, I have downloaded Tik Tok as well as Tik Tok lite. Now both of them are connected to my single Facebook ID but In the full version of the tiktok app having my Different Tiktok account and on the other hand, Tiktok lite has my different Tiktok account.
In the Tiktok app I can delete my account but from tiktok lite no option visible for account management to delete the account. In fact, tiktok lite does not have a login option with Instag. it’s just showing fb, Twitter & gmail login. A Cousin of TikToK…Just gives the same experience as TikTok in very low mb!  An app that doesn’t have many features like TikTok such as:- We can’t verify our account by mobile no…No profile videos & a little bit more than I hadn’t noticed right now…..but overall it’s the best app on android after TikTok & I use lite version & full version of TikTok both! I downloaded this version so I can make personal account for my friends that don’t have permission to use their smartphone!

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