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New Driving Licence Rules in India July 2022 @

New Driving Licence Rules in India from July 2022 for Personal & Commercial Vehicles: A driving license is mandatory for road users. Today we are going to provide information that how to get a new license and what is the policy to get a new license from RTO. Many people who want to apply online for a new license can go through this entire article till the end and collect the information here.

First, a person who is making a driving license has to visit the regional RTO office to apply. But now the Indian government has made some changes to getting a driving license and now it is much easier than before. So here you will get the details about Driving Licence Apply Online, Renew Driving Licence Online Steps as mentioned below.

New Driving Licence Rules in India

As per the latest implementation in making driving licenses, the new policy will be implemented from July 2022. If you are a vehicle owner and want to make your license then must read Driving Licence New Policy July 2022 from here and then read the respective RTO official website to apply for a driving license online. There are many private offices that allow you to get a driving license there using a few simple steps.

But now the Government of India has implemented some rules to get the new driving license online. Here we have attached the new driving license governed in India from July 2022 and have provided every step to know with proper guidelines. If you are going to apply for a new driving license in India then visit the official website and follow the instructions given there.

New DL Apply Online Rules July 2022 – Overview

AuthorityGovernment of India
MinistryUnion Ministry of Roads and Motorways
DepartmentRegional Transportation Office (RTO)
CategoryGovt. Rules & Modifications
Article onSarkari Yojana
Rules Applicable forBoth 2-wheelers and 4 Wheelers
Month of ApplyFrom the 1st of July 2022
Applied DuringFor an application for a new driving license and renewal of an old driving license
Official WebsiteVisit Here

July 2022 New Driving Licence Rules

The central government has modified some driving license application online rules which will be applicable from July 2022. You must be familiar with the rules and changes made by the Government of India for new driving licenses in recent dates. If you want to know about the new rules or Driving Licence Online Application 2022 then read this article till the end and collect the information available here.

Apart from this, you will also find here the simple steps you need to follow to apply for a new driving license for your two-wheeler or four-wheeler. So go down in the article and see what is new in making driving licenses for the year 2022 and how it is implemented by the government. All the details are provided here and you will be able to understand the changes better from here.

Driving Licence New Rules for Commercial & Personal – Know in Hindi

1 जुलाई से केंद्र सरकार और राज्य परिवहन प्राधिकरण सभी नए नियम लागू करेंगे। आपके दो या चार पहिया वाहन का लाइसेंस कुछ ही समय में तैयार हो जाएगा। पहले, आपको क्षेत्रीय परिवहन अधिकारी (आरटीओ) के पास जाना पड़ता था और ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस प्राप्त करने के लिए लंबी अवधि तक प्रतीक्षा करनी पड़ती थी। 2-व्हीलर्स और 4-व्हीलर्स के लिए लाइसेंसिंग की प्रक्रिया काफी आसान हो जाएगी. नए नियम उन आवेदकों को सुविधा प्रदान करते हैं जिन्हें अपनी बारी का इंतजार करने के लिए आरटीओ कार्यालय के आसपास घूमने या लंबी कतारों में खड़े होने की आवश्यकता नहीं है। केंद्रीय सड़क और मोटरमार्ग मंत्रालय (भारत सरकार) द्वारा नए ड्राइवर लाइसेंस नियम तैयार किए गए हैं।

ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस बनवाने या उसका नवीनीकरण कराने की सोच रहे लोगों के लिए अच्छी खबर है। भारत सरकार ने ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस बनवाने की प्रक्रिया में बदलाव किया है। नियम लागू होने के बाद आवेदकों को ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस (डीएल) बनवाने के लिए बार-बार क्षेत्रीय परिवहन कार्यालय (आरटीओ) के चक्कर नहीं लगाने पड़ेंगे। भारत सरकार द्वारा बनाए गए ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस के नए नियम पहले से कहीं ज्यादा आसान हैं। भारत सरकार ने नागरिकों के लिए अच्छी खबर प्रदान की है क्योंकि उसने जुलाई 2022 से भारत में नए नियमों और नए ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस नियमों की घोषणा की है। संबंधित राज्य परिवहन विभागों, या भारत सरकार के तत्वावधान में देश भर में कई निजी ड्राइविंग स्कूल स्थापित किए जाएंगे।

Type of Driving Licence in India 2022

Personal Driving Licence:

License ClassType of Vehicle
MC EX50CCLMV and gear with a capacity of 50CC or more
M/CYCL.WGAll motorcycles (with or without gear).
MC 50CCMotorcycles with engine capacity of 50 ccs or less.
LMV-NTLMV for non-transportation purposes
MCWOG/FVGGeared motorcycles and any engine capacity. Former Scooters and Mopeds.

Commercial Driving Licence:

License ClassType of Vehicle
MGVMedium Goods Vehicle
HGMVHeavy Goods Motor Vehicle
HMVHeavy Motor Vehicles
TrailerHeavy Trailer Licence
HPMV/HTVHeavy Passenger Motor Vehicle/ Heavy Transport Vehicle
LMVMotorcars, jeeps, taxis & delivery vans

Documents Required to Apply for New Driving Licence

If you are a new applicant who applied for a new DL in India after July 2022, must keep the documents ready and upload them whenever you apply driving license application form 2022. Below we have listed some of the documents that need to be submitted whether applied for or going to apply for a new driver’s license in any type of category.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Pan Card
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Form 1 and 1A for medical certificates

New Rules for Opening a New Driver Training Center in India

Recently, the Government of India has made some changes in the process of making a driver’s license. If you are new to this field and want to open your own driver training center then follow the below instructions and also the update is given below in the center.

  • The training center should be allotted near the TRO office center.
  • During the training of Two Wheeler, Three Wheeler, and Light Motor Vehicles the training center should be covered by one acre of land.
  • Vehicles or trailers should have 3 acres of land when you are training for heavy goods.
  • Instructors of any center should be at least 12th pass or have detailed knowledge of driving rules in India with 5 years of driving experience.
  • The trainer must have passed Transport Authority Curriculum High-Quality Driving Track Test.
  • According to the new rules, there is a need to implement the biometric system in the training center.
  • The total duration of training for medium and heavy vehicles is 38 hours in 6 weeks. 8 hours should be given in theory class and 31 hours for practical training.

Steps to Apply for New Driver’s Licence in India

  • First of all, applicants should visit the MRTH Official Website.
  • Then find out the New DL Apply Online Link.
  • Now click on the link and a new window will be opened.
  • In the new tab, you have to select the state and type of DL you want to apply.
  • After submitting the details New Driving Licence Application Form will open.
  • Fill out the New DL Online Form with the required details.
  • Also, upload the documents necessary to upload the form.
  • Now you should check the filled details in the application form.
  • After then click on the submit option.
  • Now DL Application Form has been successfully submitted.
  • You have to wait a while to get the driving Licence.
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