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BGMI – Battleground Mobile India

BGMI – Battleground Mobile India Ban Again? News & Latest Updates

BGMI – Battleground Mobile India Ban Again? News & Latest Updates

BGMI – Battleground Mobile India Ban Again? News & Latest Updates are here. Know if Battleground Mobile India is Banned or not? It has only been a few days since the return of PUBG Mobile as Battleground Mobile India aka BGMI and it is found that data is still being sent to the Chinese servers. This may lead to the Battleground Mobile India ban once again. Various studies are being conducted to check the involvement of Chinese servers. If this claim is found positive, it won’t take the government to Ban Battleground Mobile in India.

Battleground Mobile India Ban News

Readers all over the countries are looking for proof of the claim and we are here to discuss just that. It was found by a report in IGN that PUBG Mobile Indian version –  BGMI is sending the data or users to China. Earlier, PUBG was banned in India just because of the same reason. According to an IGN report, a reader reached out to the team and told them that Battleground Mobile Apk is sending data to the China Mobile Communication Server in Beijing.

It was also found in the report that BGMI is sending data in Hongkong to Tencent-run Proxima Beta and to Microsoft Azure servers in Mumbai, US, and Moscow. Last year PUBG was banned because of the same reason and it had to cut ties with Tencent.

Is it verified that BGMI is sending data from Chinese Servers?

Claims do not deny that the data is still being sent to China. To prove that, Techs at IGN installed a data package sniffer in the phone. This app tells that which server is being used to communicate with the device. They played a BGMI game by keeping logs of all servers that BGMI was going to talk to.

After that, they did the Whois search of the servers and found that one of the servers was being run by China Mobile Communications Corporation. This is a state-owned Chinese company and the server was located in Beijing China. The data of the device was sent to this server. Apart from that, it was found that while booting up, BGMI was also pinging a Tencent server in Beijing.

Can these outcomes lead to Battleground Mobile India Ban or not?

As these developments are seeming to be different from what Krafton promised earlier, these outcomes can lead to serious action. Recently, Krafton claimed that it has cut ties with Tencent and removed it from being the publisher for PUBG Mobile India. Krafton also said that the security and privacy of the player data is their top priority.

But, it seems that all these outcomes can now lead to the ban of Battleground Mobile India. Some political leaders already have demanded a ban on BGM in India. Battleground Mobile India is not even rolled out completely in India and still, we are seeing these developments. Now users are really worried about both their data and Battleground Mobile being completely banned in the country.

CAIT urges to Ban the Battleground Mobile India game

The Confederation of All India Traders – CAIT wrote a letter to Shri Ravi Shankar Prashad (Union IT and Communication Minister) demanding to put a Ban on BGMI. They said that it is both threats to national sovereignty and security and it also harmful to youth.

CAIT has also asked Google to remove BGMI from the Google Play store and not allow it in the future. The Secretary-General of CAIT tweeted that “After #PUBG was banned last year [and] now they are making backdoor entry by circumventing Indian laws.”

BGMI app banned or not?

As of now, Battleground Mobile India is not banned and its beta version is available on the Google Play Store. If more developments kept on forming, the government may take some strict action about it again. We hope that Krafton can prove that they are not leaking any user data but this does not look promising.

We will keep updating the new development about Battleground Mobile India Ban news. Don’t forget to post your views about the same in the comment box.

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